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Chilren Story : Thick Glasses

  Seeing Parth sitting sad on the stairs, Hemu uncle went to him and asked him the reason for his sadness.

Hemu uncle - Parth son, why are you so sad today?

Parth - Uncle, no one in the house loves me.

Hemu uncle - What happened after all, why are you talking like this?

Parth - Everyone in the house keeps scolding me

Hemu uncle - Son, there must be some reason to scold.

Parth - Uncle, I love watching cartoons.

Hemu Uncle - All children watch cartoons. What's wrong with that?

Parth - Nothing, but who should explain it to my mom? She always keeps me away from watching cartoons. If I do not listen her, she scolds me.

Hemu uncle - Well, how long do you watch cartoons in a day?

Parth - Uncle, I watch cartoons all day.

Hemu Uncle - All day?

Parth - Yes uncle, on this matter first mom scolds and then dad gets me beaten.

Hemu Uncle - Your scolding and beating is absolutely right.

Parth - Uncle, you too turned out like mom and dad.

Hemu uncle - You will realize your mistake when you will grow up.

Parth - What a mistake uncle?

Hemu Uncle - When I was in your age, I used to use mobile and watch TV a lot. Grandparents, parents and elders interrupted me a lot, but I did not listen to anyone, for which I got a lot of punishment.

Parth - What kind of punishment did you get?

Hemu uncle - My eyes became very weak, due to which I got such thick glasses on my eyes. Now I can neither study nor do any other work without glasses.

Saying this Hemu uncle became very sad.

Parth - Uncle, is it so dangerous to operate the mobile phone?

Hemu uncle - Yes Parth, if you still don't improve then be ready to wear thick glasses like me.

Parth gets nervous hearing this.

Parth - Uncle, I do not want to wear such thick glasses. From today mobile phone is completely stopped.

Hemu Unlce - Well done son.

Writer : Sangeeta Singh Tomar

Translated by : Sumit Pratap Singh

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