सोमवार, 24 अक्तूबर 2016

Satire : My real Indian Diwali

     Whenever I decided that I will try to inspire my friends, relatives and people around me by boycotting Chinese products & will convey my message about empowering local businesses in our own country to produce those products. Suddenly, some people with jolterhead attitudes appeared infront of me and started arguing that this is not at all possible and I would not be enough capable to do this. I replied them “Every drop of sea is the whole ocean”.They started laughing on me sarcastically and told me that you can’t avoid Chinese products from your routines where every second item belongs to China because of its cheapness in comparison to India. I could not understand the points why they were favouring Chinese items, either they were of Chinese origin or it may be that they were Chinese agents. I said that it may be cheap but not so good to empower our economy so I must boycott Chinese products and would also suggest my friends and relatives to boycott these products on a big scale. They again asked me "How would you reach up to more and more people by conveying the message?" I told them frankly, "You can see my smart phone and I will begin from it. I will send SMS, start calling people over phone using different platforms, and will share message on Social media too."
This time they laughed out loudly and said, "Dear, You are carrying a cellphone in your hand that is also being manufactured from Chinese companies."
I smiled and said, "You must that; Only Iron can cut Iron. So I will use this Chinese smart phone against Chinese products."
After sometimes, The same people were going their way angerly and I just kept lighting Diyas and Lamps after destroying Chinese lights. First time ever I celebrated real Indian Diwali. When I was lighting Diyas made of mud by poor people, I could feel their smiling faces in oil containing in it. 

Writer : Sumit Pratap Singh

* Image from google with thanks

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